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  • Reis, S.; Metzger, A.; Pohl, K.: Method for Testing Specific Non-Functional Requirements for Customer-Specific Products. SSE-WP4-20051231 / E4.2a. University of Duisburg-Essen, Essen 2005. Details
  • Reis, S.; Kamsties, E.; Reuys, A.; Pohl, K.: Integrated and Extended Method for the Scenario-Based Derivation of Test Cases in the Context of Software Product Families. SSE-20040630 / E4.2.5. University of Duisburg-Essen, Essen 2004. Details
  • Kamsties, E.; Pohl, K.; Reis, S.; Reuys, A.: An Initial Technique for Deriving Test Cases for Systems and Integration Testing of Software Product Families. SSE-WP4-20030630-01. University of Duisburg-Essen, Essen 2003. Details
  • Heimann, Erik: Lotus Notes/Domino - Die Einführung. IBM Press, München 2002.
  • Kamsties, E.; Pohl, K.; Reuys, A.; Reis, S.: Use Case- and Architecture-based Derivation of Generic Test Cases for System and Integration Tests for Software Product Families. SSE-WP4-20020930-01. University of Essen, Essen 2002. Details
  • Guelich, A.; Pohl, K.; Reuys, A.; Thiel, S.: Architectural Design and Change Management for Product Families. Universität Essen, Essen 2002. Details
  • Eicker, Stefan; Mertes, Henning; Schwichtenberg, Holger; Heimann, Erik: Market survey to Internet Bill Presentment & Payment. 1999.
  • Haumer, P.; Heymanns, P.; Pohl, K.: An Integration of Scenario-Based Requirements Elicitation and Validation Techniques. 98-28. Aachen 1998. Details
  • Dubios, E.; Jarke, M.; Pohl, K.; Rolland, C.; Sutcliffe, A.: ESPRIT LTR Project CREWS – 2nd years project report and associated deliverables. RWTH Aachen, Aachen 1998.
  • Arnold, M.; Erdmann, M.; Glinz, M.; Haumer, P.; Knoll, R.; Paech, B.; Pohl, K.; Ryser, J.; Studer, R., Weidenhaupt, K.: Survey on the Scenario Use in Twelve Selected Industrial Projects. 98-17. RWTH Aachen, Aachen 1998.
  • Jarke, M.; Lyytinen, K.; Martiin, P.; Pohl, K.; Tolvanen, J.-P.Weidenhaupt, K.: CASE Environment Adaptability – Bridging the Islands of Automation. 1. Jarke, M.; Lyytinen, K.; Martiin, P.; Pohl, K.; Tolvanen, J.-P.Weidenhaupt, K. (Hrsg.), RWTH Aachen, Aachen 1998. Details
  • Pohl, K.; Klamma, R.; Weidenhaupt, K.; Dömges, R.; Haumer, P.; Jarke, M.: A Framework for Process-Integrated Tools. 13. RWTH Aachen, Aachen 1996.
  • Pohl, K.; Dömges, R.; Jarke, M.: PRO-ART: PROcess Based Approach to Requirements Traceability. RWTH Aachen, Aachen 1994.
Zeige Ergebnisse 26 bis 38 von 38 (Seite 2 von 2)
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