Technical Reports

Results of the Second Validation

Autor(en):Schmieders, E.; Metzger, A.
Verlag:S-Cube Consortium
Art der Publikation:Projektbericht
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In this document, Deliverable CD-IA-3.2.4 Resultsof the Second Validation we reportthe validation of the integration of the IRF building blocks, i.e.,the results of task T-IA-3.2.1. This deliverable describes the visionand strategy of the work package WP-IA-3.2 (using the Descriptionof Work Amendment \#4 as basis). A description of the work packages roadmap until the end of the S-Cube project is given, including thevalidation strategy and the interaction with other WPs. The validationmethod is introduced and applied to the IRF. The results of thisapplication are listed. Finally, the summarized results and the conclusionsare presented.