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PacificVis 2019: Visualization researchers met in Bangkok


From 23-26 April, the international visualization community met in Bankgkok. Shahid Latif from Prof. Beck's working group presented a web-based tool that makes the results of geographic data analysis understandable.

IEEE PacificVis is one of the three most important international conferences on visualization research. About 120 participants from all over the world came to the event and presented a variety of visualization projects. A trend topic were visualizations to explain machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Shahid Latif presented the tool Interactive Map Reports. Using automated text generation and map-based visualization, it makes the results of geographic data analysis understandable. The generated text highlights core aspects of the data that would otherwise be difficult to recognize by the visual representation alone. Further details on this work can be found in the published article.

Fabian Beck supported the conference in his role as Visualization Notes Co-Chair and led the review process of the short papers. For PacificVis 2020, he will act as Papers Co-Chair and be responsible for selecting the conference's main scientific program.