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paluno at EDUCON and LaTiCE 2017


Two paluno papers are presented at this year's IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON) next week in Athens, Greece. The first paper is co-authored by Dr. Michael Striewe and Prof. Dr. Michael Goedicke in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Peter Hubwieser and Dr. Marc Berges from the Technical University of Munich. They analyzed data from the lecture "Programming" for first-year students to find traces of competency structures for algorithms and data structures. The second paper is also co-authored by Prof. Dr. Michael Goedicke. It presents a case study on „digital game-based learning“ in software engineering education, which was conducted at the University of Rostock.

Already this week plauno also joins the International Conference on Learning and Teaching in Computing and Engineering (LaTiCE) for the third time in row. Nils Schwinning presents a paper which is the result of a cooperation with Prof. Dr. Christoph Hanck and Till Massing from the Econometrics research group. It deals with the digitalisation of summative and formative assessments in academic teaching of statistics.