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Research on innovative software technologies.

For a livable future in a digital world

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In order to develop robust and reliable cyber-physical systems, it is important to understand which aspects of the system environment may not be exactly determinable. At this year's IEEE CASE, Torsten Bandyszak from Prof. Pohl's research group presented a new approach to modeling such uncertainties.



How can we assess the experience and expertise of a researcher? The visualization group has developed a web-based visual analytics tool, that generates profiles of researchers in the form of interactive reports.



Short-term and individually adapted insurances – up to now, such an offer did not pay off for insurers. The use of blockchain technologies can change this. The IGUA project offers workshops for insurers to get to know the possibilities of blockchains.


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paluno - the Ruhr Institute for Software Technology - is one of the largest research institutes for software engineering in Germany. Ten professors and over 100 scientists conduct excellent applied and basic research here. They investigate and test principles, methods and tools for the development of software-based technologies.