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Research on innovative software technologies.

For a livable future in a digital world

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It can hardly get any closer: intelligent clothing that monitors body functions and supports the wearer in all situations. Such wearables are the research area of Prof. Dr. Stefan Schneegaß.



132 participants from industry and research came to Zeche Zollverein and left the event with new ideas and contacts. Take a look on the photo review and download the posters and presentations!



Autonomous vehicles, intelligent factories and dynamic power grids - the backbone of these future technologies are networks of collaborative, embedded systems. The BMBF research project CrESt (Collaborative Embedded Systems) is developing and testing solutions for "systems of cyber-physical systems". 


For PhDs and postdocs

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paluno - the Ruhr Institute for Software Technology - is one of the largest research institutes for software engineering in Germany. Ten professors and over 100 scientists conduct excellent applied and basic research here. They investigate and test principles, methods and tools for the development of software-based technologies.

As key drivers of digitization, these technologies are changing the way we work, learn, operate, produce, communicate and move around the world. The scientists at paluno are committed to ensuring that digitization with software-based systems succeeds and that the new technologies serve people, are user-friendly and secure.