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Big-Data-Plattform für Seehäfen

Neues EU-Projekt: Die Plattform DataPorts soll zu mehr Automatisierung beitragen, indem sie neue Anwendungen von Künstlicher Intelligenz ermöglicht.

Body Reaction as Password

Forgot your password? Everyone probably knows that. Authenticating yourself by fingerprint or iris scan is a practical alternative. But biometric…

Walking in Virtual Space

How can users walk in virtual worlds without reaching the limits of the real world? At CHI 2019, Stefan Schneegaß and his team presented a solution…

PacificVis 2020

Datum und Uhrzeit: 14.04.2020 - 17.04.2020 All day
Organizer: Tianjin University, China
Location: Tianjin, China

The 13th IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis 2020) will be held in Tianjin, China during April 14 to 17, 2020. As part of PacificVis, workshop/tutorial sessions will be held on April 14, with the Symposium starting from April 15.

Visualization has become an increasingly important research area due to its wide range of applications in many disciplines. PacificVis is an IEEE sponsored international visualization symposium held in the Asia-Pacific region, with the objective to foster greater exchange between visualization researchers and practitioners, and to draw more researchers in the Asia-Pacific region to enter this rapidly growing area of research.

Prof. Dr. Fabian Beck is Papers Co-Chair.




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