• Spin-Offs & Tools
  • Spin-Offs & Tools

Spin-Offs & Tools

Over the past years employees and professors have developed useful tools and methods that are based on their scientific work at paluno. Some have founded sucessful spin-offs.

Personal and organisational development from a single source: CampusLab qualifies your personnel in a targeted and sustainable manner and support you in the further development of your IT and software processes. Learn more

The goal of Interaction Room GmbH is to create a common understanding among all participants of an IT project through pragmatic modelling in order to achieve a common result. Learn more

Founded in 1012, LocosLab specializes in the development of cost-effective localization systems based on current and standardized hardware. Learn more

ModLab is a laboratory for moderation techniques. With this installation complex discussions and decision-making processes can be supported, which commonly appear during the design of information and communication applications. Learn more

The modeling method SeeMe supports the visualisation of socio-technical and semi-structured aspects of communication and collaboration processes. It promotes a better understanding between IT and other departments in order to achieve a participative software development and intoroduction. Learn more