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Fingerprint Scanner

Danger to Sensitive Data

Security experts from paluno – The Ruhr Institute for Software Technology at the University of Duisburg-Essen revealed multiple vulnerabilities in security-critical software running in protected memory areas of modern Intel processors. In the worst-case scenario, harmful actions could be infiltrated into sensitive programs, e.g. into the software of fingerprint scanners. With the help of the researchers many vendors already patched their software.

Rolling out Complex Temporal Behavior

Machine learning methods are powerful but hard to understand, especially if they show complex temporal behavior as part of their training process or when they are used as autonomous agents. The visualization group has developed two new interactive visualization approaches that "roll out" the complex behavior on the screen and make readable what is going on across time.

Security for Personal Data in the Cloud

The demand for cloud services has never been greater. This brings the issue of data protection to the fore. In the RestAssured project, scientists from the Ruhr Institute for Software Technology paluno at the University of Duisburg-Essen have researched how cloud providers can better protect the personal data of their customers.

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