Spin-Offs and Tools

Over the past years, employees and professors have developed useful tools and methods that are based on their scientific work at paluno. Some have founded successful spin-offs.


Personal and organisational development from a single source: CampusLab qualifies your personnel in a targeted and sustainable manner and support you in the further development of your IT and software processes.

Das CampusLab ist ein von paluno entwickeltes Programm zur berufsbegleitenden Weiterqualifikation von Mitarbeitern in aktuellen praktischen IT-Themen. Ziel des CampusLab ist der systematische Wissenstransfer durch ein angepasstes kundenspezifisches Kursprogramm, das gezielt auf Rollen und Phasen im Softwareprozess zugeschnitten ist. Das CampusLab sorgt dafür, dass Ihre Mitarbeiter in einem sich stetig ändernden Umfeld über aktuelles Technologiewissen verfügen (Transformation) und aktuelle Trends und Entwicklungen bewerten können (Innovation). Das Kursprogramm ist eine Mischung aus etablierten akademischen Modulen und speziell für die Praxis angepassten Modulen in Form von Vorlesungen, Übungen und Praktika.


Interaction Room

The goal of Interaction Room GmbH is to create a common understanding among all participants of an IT project through pragmatic modelling in order to achieve a common result

Read more about Interaction Roon on their Website Interaction Room GmbH



LocosLab is a young and dynamic company in the field of information technology specialized on location-based services. Established in 2012, LocosLab develops cost-effective localization systems based on current and standardized hardware. The core technologies include:

  • Indoor and outdoor localization systems
  • Geo marketing
  • Personalized mobility (e.g. aviation and aerospace)

Many years of research in the field of radio-based localization of objects and persons form an excellent basis for the continuous further development of LocosLab. The company attaches importance to:

  • the extension of visual and and interactive evaluation software
  • the optimization and improvement of the company’s models and algorithms
  • the discovering of new possibilities for future hardware platforms

Read more about LocosLab on the Website



ModLab is a laboratory for moderation techniques. It consists of state-of-the-art components, such as a five-metre-wide interactive screen that supports joint mind mapping or modelling, for example.

The laboratory serves to explore which methods and forms of technical support are suitable for moderating communicative decision-making processes on factual and technical issues in groups. For this purpose, interaction with the technical systems is recorded.

Occasionally, the moderation technologies of the laboratory are used by public institutions and companies.

Visit the website of the chair of information and technology management to learn more about ModLab.




The modeling method SeeMe support the representation of socio-technical and semi-structured aspects of communication and cooperation processes. With SeeMee such processes can be analyzed and improved, e.g. in workshops. SeeMee can also be used to save time and money on documentation tasks. The modeling method can be learned very quickly. A freely accessible editor was developed to create and present SeeMe models.

More information about the SeeMe and the current release version is available on the website https://seeme.iaw.ruhr-uni-bochum.de